MAY 2018: Brgy. South Kensington 
NOV. 2018: Experiencing diversity through impressions on the everyday: the radical vision of Unlimited artists
FEB. 2018: Juan Duque ‘Breathe your own Horizon’ at JosédelaFuente Gallery, Santander
NOV. 2017: Olga Fedorova ‘Generic Jungle’ at Annka Kultys Gallery
OCTOBER 2019: Talk at Firstsite (Colchester) : How can disabled artists be critiqued equally? Is the art of disabled artists still placed in a ‘ghetto’ and ignored? Do critics focus on disability rather than art? Is there enough academic rigour around the work of disabled artists?
FEB. 2017: Fiumano Clase on the controversial work of Filipino artist Rhine Bernardino
DEC. 2017: CARU at Oxford Brookes University
MAY 2019: Reflections on the Disability Arts Movement: an interview with Jo Verrent, Tony Heaton & David Hevey
MARCH 2019: Digital technology in the race for equality
FEB. 2019: Dis-ordinary otherness: speaking up and speaking out the mind
JAN. 2018:Rhine Bernardino,  interview