Check out the documentation from the Opening Event of Guest Projects’ 10 Year Anniversary! Curated together with Cairo Clarke, with a series of artistic interventions, all performed by past and returning residents of the space, to celebrate Guest Projects‘ history and its oeuvre of multi-disciplinary artist projects. Thank you all for coming!

Performances by: TangleDoug FishboneIlona SagarLarry AchiampongSuzannah PettigrewHarriet Middleton-BakerRaju Rage, and Zinzi Minott.

Music and Sounds with DJ AJ Kwame aka Peter Adjaye (Music for Architecture)

Photographer © Mike Massaro 2018

Event · Exhibition

Winter Trails: Remapping Nine Elms

On-and-Off and Meet Me by the Balloons are two commissions from Nine Elms on the South Bank as part of  their festival ‘Winter Trails: Remapping Nine Elms’ .

Artists: Rhine Bernardino, Jay Jay Revlon, Otto Gumaelius, Selina Bonelli, Eunjung Kim with Hollie Miller, House of Absolute

1 December – 21 December 2017
Meet Me By The balloons
Thames Path

Highlighting the newly opened Prescot Wharf while tapping into the spirit of the community in the area, Rhine Bernardino will install colourful LED balloons on the trees which will gradually grow throughout the festival. The installation is open to the public at all times from 1st to 20th of December. An _inventory project, curated by Jeth Reyes and Linda Rocco.

9 December, 2-4pm
New Union Square

An exploration into the contrast between static and moving bodies and how these opposing approaches can generate environments. On-and-off will include a voguing class and jam by Jay Jay Revlon and performances by Eunjung Kim, Selina Boneli, House of Absolute and Otto Gumaelius. 


video: Nick Middleton

Event · Exhibition

Bapor Tabo(o) for Art Licks 2017

30th September 2017

A one-day moving exhibition on a 70foot boat for Art Licks Weekend 2017

Poster design: June Thanyawan

Bapor Tabo(o) is a one-day moving exhibition. It’s set on a boat flowing and gliding through the Old Ford Lock (by Victoria Park) to Acton Lock (by Broadway Market), along the Regent’s Canal, showcasing live performances by live artists, groups, contemporary dancers and movers, musical performances and spoken word. The boat’s façade is strewn with artworks flying in the form of flags, posters and banners by RAGE COLLECTIVE and artists whose works deal with political issues and concerns, serving as a stage for live works and performances to take place.

To conclude the event, the boat shall moor at an arranged place where the public is welcome to join in conversations and discussions shared with food and drinks, with a possibility to join impromptu musical jams and performances.

Babor Tabo (Tagalog, Filipino language) translates literally as Boat Dipper. It was used as a symbolism by Jose Rizal, Philippines’s national hero in his revolutionary literary novels during the Spanish colonisation to depict Philippine society at the time. It is about social classes wherein the rich and the educated class ‘illustrados’ are in the upper part and the workers, low class locals or ‘indios’ are in the lower part where the condition is horrifying and utterly inhumane with no access to the comfort and privileges of the upper part.

The format of the exhibition is a response on the scarcity of places for exhibitions, in a process of finding solutions to utilise different ways of showcasing art events and encounters. It is an exercise of exploring alternatives not just to situate artworks and projects, but one that also widens accessibility and interaction with a broader audience, as there is definitely a need to find ways to bridge from our closed groups, to try and cross the ever widening social divides.

ARTWORKS by RAGE collective: Amale Freiha Khlat, Amy Cornfield, Bonnie Wong, Camila Mora Scheihing, Larry Amponsah, Saeed Al Madani, Sing Hang Tam, Tamara Kametani, Yoshi Kametani with Andrew Richardson and Peter Kennard

2-6pm LIVE PERFORMANCES by: Andrea Maciel, Cactus band, Gabriela Flarys Joshua Leon, Julia Testa, Lucie Treacher, Luli Perez and Jazbo Von Magius Gross, Raquel Macartney, Rosalind Holgate Smith, Sebastian Bechinger, Selina Bonelli, PDA Caroline Yijia and Peadar Connolly Davey, Zjana Muraro and Shir Victoria Levy

6-8pm : food, interactions and chats
Land Ahoy! by Peninsula curated by Isabel Blanco-Fernandez