Where I’m Coming From

2nd – 30th September 2020 at Yinka Shonibare Studio

‘Where I’m Coming From’ is an experimental curatorial project aimed to disrupt traditional western hierarchies related to our adeptness for communication as well as our capacity for language – harnessing the potential for a communal organisation but also as a ground for separation.

Curated by _inventory platform (Rhine Bernardino & Linda Rocco), the month-long exhibition will respectively dedicate one week to four languages that are very much present and spoken by a big portion of the migrant community actively working and contributing to the British economy and yet highly invisible: Filipino, Taiwanese, Tamil and Berber languages. For each week we will showcase a visual art exhibition of native practices and live performances. It is the project’s aim to utilise only one specific language per week, in which the texts used to mediate the works will not be in English. By showcasing works from these communities, we want to highlight several micro-narratives of exclusion that tacitly exist within those who face cultural and language barriers. ‘Where I’m Coming From’ is an exercise in accessibility: it challenges the English-speaking audience to examine the artwork through a different lens in order to generate a common and shared desire for deeper communication. ​

Artists: Pio Abad, Vanessa Scully, Rhine Bernardino-Happy Ferraren, Yun-Ling Chen, Charwei Tsai, Aki Chiu, Yu-Chen Wang, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussens, Poonam Jain and more TBC.

more on http://www.inventoryplatform.org/upcoming.html

I’m Here, Where Are You? – workshops

25th March and September 2020 at Cambridge Junction

Following HIWAY Festival in 2019, for 2020 we will present a programme of workshops produced with Cambridge Junction, featuring introduction to performance by D/Deaf artists. A new website of HIWAY is coming out soon, and will keep you informed on the bigger and better version of the 2021 Festival.

_inventory Platform at Springhealth

_inventory Platform, the organisation co-directed by myself and Rhine Bernardino has finally a space in London. Located in an old Leisure Centre in Belsize Park, _inventory currently offer spaces for artists studios in partnership with Harlesden High Street as well as a programme of exchange, debate and showcase beginning in February. More to come soon on inventoryplatform.org

Cut & Stick

Co-curated with Fabio Paris. Coming soon Online and at Galerie Charlot (Paris) in 2021.