Linda Rocco is a London-based contemporary art curator, consultant, and PhD researcher at the Royal College of Art, supported by a LAHP/AHRC doctoral award. With over eight years of freelance experience, Linda has curated public programmes, exhibitions, and residencies internationally, with established organisations such as Delfina Foundation and Goethe Institut London, and in the public sphere for the Mayor of London, where she secured and delivered a public commission by Yinka Shonibare CBE.

Linda regularly works internationally, delivering lectures and talks (RCA, Venice Curatorial Course, Spazio Maiocchi), curating residencies (Figueretes, Ibiza) and exhibitions (NARS Foundation, Brooklyn NYC). She collaborated with numerous international organisations such as the Danish Art Foundation, Baan Noorg Collaborative (Thailand) and piAR (Ghana). As a consultant, she has worked with numerous London councils and Arts Council England, and is a Contemporary Art Expert for Frieze London.

Trained as an Art Historian with a background in the Performing Arts, Linda’s practice has been responsive to New Media developments since working for the Link Center for the Arts of the Information Age in 2014. She has since co-curated digital programmes in partnership with the Ministry of Culture Taiwan, Jatiwangi Art Factory, Pineapple Lab Philippines, Yinka Shonibare Foundation, Bagri Foundation and The Genesis Foundation.

Specialised in practice-based research at the crossover of art, the curatorial and new media, with a focus on network cultures, her practice converges with active transdisciplinary research in emerging technologies, social systems and organisation, alternative economies and collaborative infrastructures. Linda’s supervisors are Prof. Victoria Walsh and Prof. Chantal Faust.

In her daily, Linda regularly works as a curator for artists, galleries, and organisations, as well as consulting and evaluating work for charities, foundations, public authorities and institutions on accessible, socially-engaged and new media projects. Additionally, she gives talks, delivers lectures and mentors artists and organisations wanting to expand their work towards new viable configurations. Linda is part of The Incidental Unit and a member of XORG.

She’s currently Course Leader for the RCA Curating Contemporary Art and Design: Theory and Practice summer school, designing the course ‘Curating After the Internet: New Media and Digital Cultures’.