The Hybrid Guest
Rhine Bernardino & Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

Laure Genillard Gallery, 2 Hanway Place, W1T 1HB London

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation
PV: 16 October, 4 to 8pm * Exhibition continues until 5 December

*RSVP at lglondoninfo@gmail.com

Press Release

Full Photo documentation by Lewis Ronald

Video documentation by  Embassy of Denmark in the U.K.

BYPASS: The Emergence of Voices

An itinerant performance-discourse-installation project by artist Jenny Brockmann in collaboration with Goethe Institute London

New Digital Collage

Co-curated with Fabio Paris. New Digital Collage is a year-long online project culminating in a group show at Galerie Charlot (Paris) and Daniel Benjamin Gallery (London) in 2021. Artists are encouraged to submit collage pieces to be periodically added to our online gallery, acting as a growing library of curated digital abstract compositions. www.newdigitalcollage.art