Linda Rocco

there’s something lurking in the shadow…

RCA School of Arts & Humanities MPhil/PhD Research Exhibition .

‘There’s something lurking in the shadows that might be interesting’ features the most wide-ranging enquiries of 39 MPhil and PhD students from the RCA’s School of Arts and Humanities. Curated by Linda Rocco from the 15th to 23rd of March, the Dyson Gallery and its surroundings will be inhabited by researches in different stages and forms – bringing the artistic process in contact with the external world. Showcasing artworks in various media: from painting to sound, moving image, sculpture and performance, the audience will witness new-born ideas and intentions, reimagined experimentations and grounded practices.

Questioning the dissonant nature of displaying a wide range of artistic processes in the same space, There’s something lurking in the shadows that might be interesting’highlights the commonalities belonging to the figure of the artist as researcher, and the subjective reactions which can occur when presenting the product of an investigation to wider audiences. Speaking to the search in research, peering into the shadows in order to expose something to light: the exhibition is a call to the overlooked, the subtle, and the raw. Curated by Linda Rocco.

Artists: Anna Adahl | Cradeaux Alexander | Rana Al Ogayyel | Be Andr | Sharon Boothroyd | Anja Borowicz | Sophie Cero | Annabelle Craven-Jones | Caroline Douglas | Paula Fitzsimons | Shannon Forrester | Maria Gafarova | Chang Gao | Anna Flemming | Ajamu Ikwe-Tyehimba | Seungjo Jeong | David Johnson | Amira Kawash | Sarah Kelly | Sung Eun Kim | Melanie King | Yushi Li | Mayra Martin Ganzinotti | Liz K. Miller | Ruidi Mu | Liz Murray | Anna Nazo | Joana Maria Pereira | Gareth Proskourine-Barnett | Alison Rees | Cole Robertson | Joanna Rojkowska | Armelle Skatulski | Marina Stavrou | Dario Srbic | Jeroen Van Dooren| Adam J. B. Walker | Messua Poulin Wolff | Despina Zacharopoulou