Brgy. South Kensington

Performance Art event, open and livestreamed 24/7
9th-15th January 2017

ARTISTS: Erik Arazi, Rhine Bernardino, Rowland Hill & Jack Sheen, Luli Perez, Matthew Harrison Lord, Natalie Wearden, the Uncollective with Sara Sassanelli

The door is always open and the work never stops. For a whole week, a three-bedroom house located at the heart of London’s museum quarter will be inhabited by 10 international artists, living and working together. Having 24/7 access, the public can experience an environment wherein they can intimately immerse themselves in the liveness of the moments of making. No time limit, no closing time.

For a brief period, the exclusivity of this estate and the very area it stands will be dismantled to create a communal space with direct points of interaction and conversations. Aside from experiential live art, the space will also host ticketed shared dinners. Curator Isabel Blanco-Fernandez with her project PENINSULA [] will open an avenue for food to be considered as a catalyst for interaction, bringing together artists and audience in an informal meal.

Brgy. South Kensington wants to be treated as an avenue for understanding what constitutes an artwork, where it takes place, when it ends, how it’s relevant in our daily lives, and a multitude of whys. Show up and ask questions. Consider this small community as a place wherein your closed groups can be bridged to other closed groups. Through this *Barangay’s temporal existence, let’s all attempt to try and cross our ever widening social divides.

*Barangay (Brgy.) is the native Filipino term for a village, district or ward. In colloquial use, the term often refers to an inner city neighbourhood, a suburb or a suburban neighborhood. South Kensington is a district of West London in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It covers some of the most exclusive real estate in the world and is home to large numbers of French, Spanish, Italian, American, and Middle-Eastern citizens.

Mini-documentary with interviews by Fayomi Fash

Teaser by Youmee Hwang

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