Linda Rocco

Open House at Delfina Foundation


Are memories collectable? How can we collect an artist residency? In a unique collision of past and present, artist residents from the last 10 years at Delfina Foundation are reflecting on their experiences in the house, and invite you to explore their personal and creative memories through a two day live programme and exhibition, ‘Open House’.


Curated with Kerry Campbell, Cecilia Giurgevich, Zena Khan, Nicholas Osborne and Elizabeth Thornhill

ARTISTS: Manal Al Dowayan, Mudar Alhaggi, Ahmed Badry Aly, Kathrin Böhm, Leone Contini, Srajana Kaikini, Hala Muhanna, Judy Price, Alessandra Saviotti, Laura Wilson



12.00–15.00: Laura Wilson ‘Rolling’ (2017)
Laura Wilson’s past investigations into the physicality of dough as a live material expands within the house, engaging a multiplicity of moving bodies in this durational performance.

13.00–13:30: Mudar Alhaggi ‘Mind The Gap’ (2017)
In this reading via live feed, from his current home in Berlin Alhaggi reflects on the question: why have I not forgotten my time at Delfina Foundation? Despite not recalling every detail of his 6 weeks at Delfina Foundation Alhaggi explores the memories we hold on to, using his personal experiences of forgetting places, face and experiences from his native Syria.

16.00-16.40: Kathrin Böhm and Rosalie Schweiker: KEEP IT SOCIAL _ MAKE IT POLITICAL
Taking Delfina Foundation residency lunches as a starting point, Kathrin Böhm will address the dilemma of The Social Front through a performative lecture, where convivial sociality is easily read as the main expression and function of art (or an arts organisation), and cultural, political and emancipatory practices are easily left in the background. Böhm will use visuals and slogans produced during her Delfina Residency alongside material from the Keep It Complex – Make it Clear Campaign she cofounded with Rosalie Schweiker in response to the UK’s Leave Vote and a new urgency for claiming the social in art as political.

16.40–18.00: Kathrin Böhm: Company Drinks
Kathrin Böhm’s talk will be followed by Company Drinks, an arts project and community drinks enterprise that links east London’s history of “going picking” with a full drinks production cycle: from picking to bottling, branding to trading and reinvesting. Join us and try a soda or cordial made with fruit, flowers and herbs picked by local hop-pickers from the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.


13:00–17:00: Open Exchanges
Join the six RCA curators as they engage with artists, curators, dealers and collectors in reflective discussions on the values of residencies and role of collections in the contemporary art world. These half hour conversations will occupy various parts of the house throughout the day.

From 15.00: Leone Contini: ‘Cezar’s Gumbo’ (2017)
We invite you to share a special homemade soup cooked by Leone Contini, from a recipe passed through the family of Delfina Foundation director Aaron Cezar.