Linda Rocco

new digital collage

March 2020 – March 2021 /

Conceptualised and curated with Fabio Paris. New Digital Collage is an online contest celebrating the technique of contemporary collage, situating the experimental ethos on the technique right into discourses on co-creation, problematising questions of autorship and copyright.

Publication available here

Winning artists: Eve Stainton (UK), Perry Kulper (USA), Samuel Finch (UK), Jean Yves Michalik (FR), Lena Ightpre (RUS), Tim Cierpiszewiski (DE), Marco Cadioli (IT), Lauren Moffat (AUS), Ina Annette Huennekens (DE), Patrick Lichty (UAE).

Jury: Valentina Peri (FR), Fabio Paris (IT), Linda Rocco (UK) and Andrea Maffioli (UK