_inventory Platform

_inventory is a collaboration-based platform that was initially co-founded in Manila by Rhine Bernardino. In 2015, Rhine and Linda met at the Royal College of Art and initiated _inventory London  which organises shows in alternative and public spaces, showcasing young artists’ works while developing and realising the co-creation of programmes to engage communities in the urban and rural context. To expand the scope and potentiality of the platform, in 2019 _inventory became a private company limited by guarantee registered in the UK.


Nine Elms on the South Bank

9th December 2017

A public commission from Nine Elms on the South Bank resulting in a day of performances and a participatory installation Meet Me By The Ballons.

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Bapor Tabo(o) 

30th September 2017
A one-day moving exhibition on a 70foot boat for Art Licks Weekend 2017.  

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Brgy. South Kensington

9th-15th January 2017
A week long performance Art event featuring 10 international artists, open and livestreamed 24/7.

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Rhythmic Osmosis 

19th and 24th November 2016
A show in two dates, resulting from paring 7 contemporary dancers from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and 7 RCA Performance artists.

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Lime-in-aid: Prevention is the cure

27th August 2016
An evening of performances by 12 international artists in Limehouse Town Hall, a space built in 1881 currently in danger to be demolished for private estate purposes. Click here for more


Domestic Violins

21st-23rd May 2016

Five female artists have been invited to perform within the context of a domestic environment in conjunction with one another and the physical structure as a whole. An exhibition afterwards has been an inquiry into processes of documentation and display, wherein the audience could engage despite the absence of the bodies. click here for more

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